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July 15th, 2019

Polar network pricing and access changes from 5th August 2019

BP Chargemaster introduced its Polar Plus subscription service in 2015, and tens of thousands of customers now benefit from using our charging network in this way. BP Chargemaster has continued to develop solutions to meet the needs of customers, from pay-as-you-go access via smartphone to deploying the first contactless device on a rapid charger in the UK.


While we will continue to lead the market with our Polar Plus subscription, to make it as easy as possible for occasional users to access our network, we will be equipping all new 50kW rapid and 150kW ultra-fast chargers on the Polar network with contactless payment, and we will retrofit all 50kW Ultracharge units with this technology over the next 12 months.


When it comes to the cost of charging electric vehicles in the UK, government statistics show that over the past four years, the average cost of domestic electricity has risen by 16%, from 15.37p per kWh in 2015 to 17.78p per kWh in 2018.[1]


Since 2015, we have held the Polar Plus, ChargeNow and Plugged in Midlands subscription at £7.85 per month – and will continue to do so for all customers. The cost of charging on Polar charging points has remained static at 10.8p per kWh (below market rates).


Since 2015, we have also significantly expanded the number of rapid chargers on our network, which incur higher connection costs and often higher electricity costs, due to the greater amount of power required.


Given the overall increase in the cost of electricity, we have taken the decision to amend prices for charging on our network. The table below shows the new price per kWh for using Polar network charging points, based on a customer’s chosen method of access.


Tariff (per kWh) AC charger 43 AC /

50kW DC charger

150kW DC charger

Polar Plus

12p 15p


Polar Instant

18p 25p


Contactless N/A 30p




To ensure that our fixed costs are covered, there will be a nominal minimum transaction amount for Polar Instant and contactless usage of £1.20 and £1.50 per charge, respectively.


We are investing heavily in expanding our network, including our rollout of 150kW units to create the UK’s first nationwide network of ultra-fast chargers. BP Chargemaster continues to operate at the forefront of electric vehicle charging and remains committed to making charging as fast, convenient and cost-effective as possible.


[1] Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Quarterly Energy Prices, Table 2.2.3 (2015: 15.37p, 2016: 15.41p, 2017: 16.30p, 2018: 17.78p)




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