What happens after I apply for a bp pulse home charger?

BP pulse home charger charging BMW i3 electric vehicle


When you apply for a bp pulse home charger, your application will be reviewed by one of our engineers to ensure you are eligible for installation.

Depending on the type of information provided, the type of home you have or the quality of photographs we receive, we may request more information from you such as:

  • To provide further pictures of the property or existing electrics to gain a clearer understanding
  • To advise on any property works or alterations required before attending to allow the installation to be successful
  • To advise on any required electrical work on the supply or existing electrics within the property to facilitate the charge point
  • To understand the property’s electrical usage


What type of work may be required?

  • An alteration to your existing fuse board, to create room for the introduction of the charge point
  • An upgrade of existing electrical wires or accessories in the property to comply with current electrical regulations and safety standards
  • Having an isolation switch installed on the electrical supply to the property to allow us to source the electricity for your charge point safely
  • A trench to be dug to allow a cable to be installed safely to the proposed location of the charge point
  • Access provided to assist in the installation such as movement of furniture/possessions/obstructions to allow a clear and safe area to work


What could impact time taken from application to installation?

Submission of requested information or evidence

To help us progress your application to installation as quickly as possible, submission of accurate photos and documentation in a prompt manner is certainly an advantage.

Waiting on relevant permissions to be granted for installations in shared/rented properties

For installations in shared/rented properties, third-party approval may be required before the installation can be carried out.

Waiting on remedial works to be completed by a third-party or bp pulse

If a third-party is required to complete remedial works at the property, depending on their availability, it may delay the process. Alternatively, bp pulse can complete the remedial work for you if you get in touch to organise a booking.

Waiting on approval from your DNO

bp pulse may need to contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to gain approval for the installation. This is to ensure their infrastructure can support the introduction of the charge point and increased electricity usage.

They have up to 10 working days to respond to our queries on your behalf. This will be to either confirm the approval of the installation or suggest required alterations or work.


What happens if my DNO need to carry out remedial work on my property?

You will remain in contact with them with guidance from us.

Examples of the work required:

Main supply fuse upgrade or separation of a shared (looped) supply.
This will be identified early on from the photographs (not all looped can be identified). The DNO will need to make a visit to your property to survey and advise on next steps.

Meter tails upgrade

On occasion the cables at the property supply (in and around your electricity meter) may be old and insufficient which may require replacement with new. These can be upgraded by your DNO or electricity supplier (who you pay the bill to).

Please note, we cannot always identify these via photos.


What happens with my application if there needs to be remedial work to carry out your installation?

It will remain on our systems. Once outstanding work has been completed, we will require you to evidence this and notify us.

Your application will be reviewed and submitted to our bookings team to arrange an appointment as soon as convenient.


Where can I charge my car while my application for a home charger is being processed?

bp pulse can keep you on the move with our largest public usage network – with over 8,000 chargers available throughout the UK.

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