Chargemaster launches EV charging solution for fleets and leasing companies

Thu 14th December 2017
  • Chargemaster provides fleets with access to UK’s largest EV charging network
  • POLAR Corporate service provides single monthly subscription with multiple accounts
  • Account overview provides full traceability of costs and charging by individual drivers

Fleets and leasing companies are now able to benefit from a corporate subscription to the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network, POLAR, with centralised invoicing for multiple users. The new service will allow fleet and transport managers to monitor charging costs centrally.

Business and fleet sales account for nearly 70% of all plug-in cars registrations in the UK, but recent research suggested that fleets may be misusing electric vehicles, particularly plug-in hybrids, by not charging them appropriately, and so were missing out on the fuel savings they offer over a conventional petrol or diesel vehicle.

The new POLAR Corporate subscription means that RFID cards used to access the POLAR network of more than 6,000 charging points across the UK, can be allocated to individual fleet or company car drivers, with all charging costs, including both the monthly subscription and any energy usage, billed centrally to the corporate account.

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster, said: “Fleets and businesses are increasingly deploying electric vehicles, particularly with the decline in the diesel car market, and while employees will benefit from lower taxation, companies also need to maximise the benefits that electric vehicles present, by charging them appropriately.

“We are seeing many progressive businesses support the installation of home charging units for their employees, and the POLAR Corporate subscription will provide employees with access to the UK’s largest public charging network.”


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