A large restaurant chain:

One of the largest operators of restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK, with over 1,700 locations, decided to set up a trial of rapid charger installations.

The 6 trial restaurants are seeing more than 400 visits per month, following the installation of Chargemaster’s Ultracharge rapid chargers.

The rapid chargers were installed at no cost to site hosts.

The rapid chargers, which can charge electric cars to around 80% in half an hour, can be accessed by members of the UK’s largest electric vehicle charging network, polar, which costs just £7.85 per month for access to over 5,000 public charging points.

On average, electric vehicle drivers spent 30 minutes charging on each visit, and more than half went into the restaurant to purchase food or drink, on which they could receive a 10% discount as a polar plus member. Over 90% of users said that the provision of charging points made them more likely to visit to the restaurants in future.


Concierge Camping:


  • Concierge Camping is located just off the A27 in Chichester and therefore a perfect location for EV drivers looking to top up. With 24/7 access and ample parking, it’s the perfect place for a rapid charger.
  • The site management wanted to increase traffic to the campsite, offering EV drivers the chance to stop at their onsite shop and café as well as offering toilet facilities

Proposed Installation

  • After a free-of-charge site survey, Chargemaster suggested installing an Ultracharge unit in their main gravel car park, so that it is easy to find for drivers and located close to the campsite facilities.

The installation took 4 working days and was completely free of charge to Concierge Camping.

Benefits to Concierge Camping

  • This premium campsite is very eco-friendly and the Ultracharge installation has strengthened this image.
  • The rapid charger is on the largest network of public chargers and allows the site owner to monitor the usage via monthly reports.
  • The rapid charger is now used on average 4 times a day and provides EV drivers a convenient and simple way to top-up their electric car, whilst providing further revenue for Concierge Camping.

We asked our members whether the provision of charging points make it more likely for you to visit locations such as Concierge Camping?

Yes – 96.22%              No – 3.78%

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