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August 15th, 2019

BP Chargemaster previews first 150kW charger site

The first 150kW ultra-fast charging site has been installed at BP Cranford with an exclusive preview event.

As the first of 400 ultra-fast chargers to be installed on BP forecourts, BP Cranford in Hounslow was chosen as the ideal location of two new 150kW charging units. BP Cranford is located just outside central London and close to London Heathrow airport as well as key motorway routes, allowing drivers from all directions easy access to our charging points.

In celebration, BP Chargemaster hosted an exclusive preview event, inviting Polar customers to be the first in the UK to use the new chargers. The event also gave key representatives of BP Chargemaster and BP the opportunity to meet and discuss with customers about our products and the future of EV charging.

BP Chargemaster’s latest generation of charge points was unveiled earlier this year by Robert Llewellyn at Fully Charged Live, and it was fantastic to have Robert back with us at the preview event as our special guest. As an avid promoter of electric vehicles and key representative for the EV community, customers were keen to chat with the Fully Charged Show host and his avocation of 150kW charging.

Two of our customers who attended the preview event brought along their Tesla Model 3 to try out charging at full capacity for the first time.

The new units will have CCS and CHAdeMO charging available, and will be accessible through Polar Plus membership and Polar Instant pay as you go, as well as Contactless in the near future.




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