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August 30th, 2019

BP Chargemaster installs 100th TfL rapid charger

Alongside Transport for London, BP Chargemaster has installed 100 public rapid chargers across the capital.


BP Chargemaster partnered with TfL in 2017, as part of their work towards reducing air pollution and increasing the number of electric cars and charging infrastructure in London, with the main aim to improve the rapid charging network currently available.


London now offers 100 BP Chargemaster 50kW Ultracharge units in key destinations, including 16 Q-Park car park locations, and available on the UK’s largest public charging network, Polar. They have also installed a significant number of taxi-only units alongside TfL and LEVC, to support the uptake of the new fully electric taxi, TXE.


Available with a Polar Plus RFID card or with a contactless payment technology, which will be retrofitted to all other 50kW ultracharge units over the coming months, and is already standard on the rapid units on the Polar network. This was announced earlier this year to allow easy access to the network for all types of electric vehicle drivers and their choice of payment method.


To see all TfL units available on the Polar public network, please visit our Polar live map or download the Polar Plus app.




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