£500 Government support for Homecharge confirmed until March 2018 welcomed by Chargemaster

Tue 11th April 2017
  • Chargemaster applauds Government’s extension of home charging grant for Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Grant of up to £500 available to new and existing EV owners
  • Chargemaster Homecharge unit installed from as little as £279

Chargemaster, the UK’s largest supplier and operator of electric vehicle charging equipment, welcomes today’s Government announcement that the 75% support for charging electric cars at home, up to a cap of £500, will continue until at least March 2018.

As the recommended partner for the majority of electric vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault and Toyota, Chargemaster manufactures its Homecharge range exclusively in the UK at its factory in Luton.Purchased and installed from as little as £279, by the company’s own nationwide specialist team of qualified electricians, the Chargemaster Homecharge unit can charge an EV at up to three-times the speed of a 13amp plug, and is fully waterproof so can be installed on a driveway or owner’s garage.David Martell, Chargemaster CEO, said: “We are delighted that the Government has extended the support of charging EVs at home. Plugging-in an EV overnight is one of the most efficient ways to charge. Over the last six years we have installed over 30,000 Homecharge units, helping people across the country reap the benefits and low running costs of EVs.”


*please visit the OLEV Government website for more information about the OLEV EVHS grant.

Official charging partner with the leading electric vehicle manufacturers